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mythical categories


I love the I Ching and this year I have taken it upon myself to give all of my friends I Ching readings for the New Year.  Every time I do a reading for someone else it might as well be for me.  In fact, I started wishing that all of my friends were at all of my friends readings because they always relate to everyone.

The I Ching is actually the first binary code because it takes two lines, and yin line and then a yang line and then explores all of the possible combinations.  In this way it forms a map like the topoi map of the ancient greeks (the basis of modern flow charts) showing non-linear relationships between events.  All things change into something else.  What it changes into is profoundly influenced by how we are relating to our present moment.

Ah, the present moment.  SO much more on that topic, later.

One of my favorite readings was about a sojourner exploring the four hidden worlds.  When I read it I felt an instant connection to the idea of sojourning.  I could look out into my sphere of people and guess who was sojourning and who was in a more public phase or some other phase of life.  When I recognized another journeyer, I felt an instant kinship.  All of this made me think of “mythical categories.”

Tolle says we have this world of forms and we have the kingdom of heaven, which is no forms, space, awareness, consciousness.  Mythical categories is the first “thing” I am putting into my empty space.  Once I became aware that I am on a sojourn into the 4 hidden realms, I felt instantly connected with all others on the same journey.  That connection is formless but the energy of it is highly structured and specific.  It is like a web we are all a part of that connects us with the same stream of information.  That allows us to recognize each other and organize the information we are receiving.  Another mythical category is “the Zone” that athletes experience when they bypass thought and tap into the intelligence of the body to guide their movements.  And there are so many others.

It really is the power of the Mind.  Richard Freeman says we have to use the same ground we have fallen on to get ourselves up.  The crazy mind place of stories and ego entrenchment is one side of the coin, and this incredible connection and organization is the other.  This is our “chitta” mind and the One Mind.  The One Mind gives us access to knowledge far greater than what we could know through just our life experience.

If you read my first blog entry ‘zone of convergence’ and Tera’s comment, she says first you recognize your limitation, in this case it was my disorganization, and then you give it over to be corrected. The One Mind is the place that holds that ‘correction’ or the perfection of being organized, so it has really already been done for me.  All I have to do is listen for it and let it become my current state of being.  Awesome.

Big hug to all of you sojourning (and all of you not.)