the inner council


My half hour of yoga a day has been like wandering into a forest and not having a clue to the lay of the land.  Even though I have been doing yoga for many years, using it as a form of inner exploration is a new activity for me.  I have to systematize it someway – in a way that still allows a very organic unfolding.  But even in this lostness, I have been getting little breadcrumbs.

In the first month, for several sessions in a row, I kept seeing myself sitting with a council.  Later I realized the council was all me.  I set aside the last 5 minutes of my practice to sit still in meditation and then call on this inner council.  I asked for my vibration to be raised so I could hear them.  The first session blew me away because I could hear all of these concepts I knew already, but spoken with such conviction.  The words were like gifts to be unwrapped and then used instead of sentences that we so readily discard.  The concepts were coming through the heart rather than the mind, and that made all of the difference.

Sometimes we just lack the resolve to follow through on an idea but I believe that is because the idea came through the mind and not the heart.  When a concept or conviction comes through the heart you would rather die than fail to carry it out.  Or the failure to come through would feel like a small death.  Plus there is so much energy in the heart to support your follow through, that it happens with such great ease.  There is really no effort required at all.  I think it is most possible to live every day through the heart, and what we all came here to do.

About jennifer

I am an acupuncturist, herbalist and craniosacral therapist; mother, step-mom, and yogini-in-training. My passion is the creative process in all of its forms through healing, body movement, meditation, family, art and nature.

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